Saturday, March 11, 2006

BarCamp Hyderabad- April 8th. Web 2.0 and the new App ecosystem

BarCamp Hyderabad is happening! Inspired by the BarCamp Delhi.

IIIT Hyderabad will play host for the event. April 8th.

Topic is:
Theme: Web 2.0: Rich UI, Tools, Solutions and SOA/Enterprise Applications
Discuss the Web2.0 technology, its application possibilities, integration with SOA. Via a series of talks on the various aspects of the technology, demos and discussions around some of the implementations of Web 2.0. Extend these to an interactive brainstorming on what else is possible with Web 2.0. In the tools and products space (entrepreneurial possibilities), in solutions space (using Web 2.0 for a rich UI for applications) and in simple regular applications.

Normally I would have stayed away from likely cliche's (for topic); but this time we did go with the flow, and chose Web 2.0 and emerging web based application architectures as the theme. To make sure there is sufficient interest, we went with the current hype and craze.

Like I posted few weeks back, BarCamp (or UnConferences) are an informal fornferences, where the focus is on info and knowledge sharing rather than pedagogic, or condesending (I know more), approach to the event. Unlike traditional conferences where most people go to "listen", the idea here is to "Participate" very actively. Delever sessions, show demos, add a point or related demo to another talk, help with the event organization, or just particpate wildly in the discussions. Just about anyway possible.. but everyone must particpate. Simple!

While we, volunteer "planners" , have done decent legwork and have already identified possible topics and few initial speakers, the biggest challenge now is in getting the word out. We dont want to use the usual conference/seminars notification circuit as the primary channel. We may get to this a little later. Right now, we want to get the the "right" minded target segment. Those adventurous on the web. The bloggers. For a BarCamp to succeed, teh particpants have to be prolific with their views. Can there be a more prolific bunch than the bloggers!? :-)

So, we appeal to all tech bloggers from Hyderabad (and elsewhere) to help publicize this event. In the spirit of adhoc, but purposeful, knowledge sharing- pls post about the camp and seek particpation.

Feel free to contact any of us- Ramesh (rameshl AT progress DOT com) , Rajan ( thiyagarajan AT gmail DOT com ) , Kopos ( poorna.shashank AT gmail DOT com ) , Rajat ( rajat.gupta AT hotmail DOT com)


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