Friday, June 25, 2004

New govt & IT industry

There was a govt. change in AP state (capital city Hyderabad is one of the latest IT entrants taht came to the scene from nearly nowhere in the past 10 years). The pro IT and pro industry incumbuntant was replaced by a new govt. that came to power on pro-farmer plank. India primarily residing in its villages- pro farmer plank is much needed. And if effectively executed, will do good as well. But this doesnt mean that industry must be ignored. After all a booming industry would mean more economic activity, more jobs and overall imrpovement in the quality of life.

A few recruiters (that I have been in touch with for a decade now) came to meet me today. Both to influence me to change as well as to see if I can engage them for my recruitment activity. They are from bangalore (the IT capital of India). They had curious questions about the effect of change in govt. And also from teh conversation it appears there is much more IT activity in Bangalore than in Hyderabad.

This is kind of suprirsing. When an industry is getting the initial fillip, lot of policy and infrastructure support from the govt. is needed. But once teh industry takes of, the govt. support doesnt really do much good. Any company setting up shop will do so purely on their own considerations and regardless of govt. While logically that seems to be what one would expect, in reality there seems to be some FUD at play. Cant really relate to why!?


Blogger Srini C said...

Great Blogging. Thanks for posting the tidbits of about technolgy in hyderabad. Looks like you are on of the few sources (at least for me) that gives the info. about the IT biz in hyderabad. keep it going. Of course I do like to read your views on Java and Middleware :)


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