Monday, June 21, 2004

My new home.. just cant get enough of it :-)

(Just cant get enough of it.. reproducing the post from my other blog :-) )

We just moved into our new home- a flat/condo (designed by my wife- a successful interior designer)- Check it out here and some more.. The whole excercise of coordinating the various activities that precede the completion of works and the actual move is just amazing!

Coordinating with the property developer, the onsite engineer, electrical engineer, a/c, carpenters, furniture suppliers, drapes & blinds, plumber, electrician, wood flooring layer, .. on and on and on. Thelist is endless. One interesting thing as that every kind of technician/worker wants a 'surgically clean' environment to work in. Basically means that there should be no other work happening in the house at that time. This is one hell of a task, considering that there are 30 different things to get done in a weeks time, each by itself requiring a week! Our experience was bad- even considering that we are dealing with one of the most professional property developers in town (Hyderabad-India). Cantimagine the plight of those caught in the web of less professional developers!

But the end result is sheer bliss and pleasure. Watching the kids enjoy the new house and ambience.. just makes all teh trouble of these past few weeks worth every bit! (And any compliments that come from guests and visitors.. is a big bonus :-) )


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