Sunday, June 20, 2004

Exhilerating experience

Have always wondered.. how can golf interest anyone? Why would a game that is so slow and alomost boring appeal to anyone. Initially I was in strong company. All my friends held the same view. Slowly one by one starting dropping out. Fell prey. Started trying.. and worse.. LIKING.. the game. I still held my fort. For well over 10 years since the first friend fell prey.

Finally.. just one weak moment.. ended up at a driving range. A few strokes. With a close friend giving good "first coaching" tips. And after many many balls that just spun wher eit was, or tottered a few inches from there.. or as in most cases.. just didnt even exist in the carefully orchestrated "flight path" of the club... finally struck gold on one.

The sheer experience.. of the club hitting just the ball (and nothing else!) that was bang in its path of a nice smooth swing, and the ball just taking off on a good 75 feet cruise.. DID THE TRICK. And I fell for it. The whole experiecne of striking theball.. and the immense amount of precise coordinated effort that was needed before I could even get one strike right.. was exhilerating!

As things stand today.. I will be a regular at the golf driving range (and hopefully.. soon at the course!) :-)


Blogger Sachin said...

This is nice - I didnt know you were using Blogger as a regular "non-Java" posting site.

Very interesting description - liked the part of " just didnt even exist in the carefully orchestrated "flight path" of the club. " :-)

your description of how it feels to connect!!

Wish you a lot of great times golfing.

1:21 PM  

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