Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ahala.. a cool reso-bar in Hyderabad

After a long time liked everything about an evening at a restaurant- the ambience, staff, music, food and the surroundings. Thsi is the newly opened Ahala, at Taj Krishna. The prices were decent (when compared to the signature restaruants at Taj & Welcomegroup hotels).

There was a very pleasant decor. Lot of wood, water, flowing fabric and water pools, with candles floating. Music was teh non-descriept lounge music. Couldnt recognize a single band.. but then the music serevd its purpose. SOft, non-intrusive backdrop.. with non-recognizeable bands taht would have otherwise drawn your focus off the table to the music.. which is a problem when your life partner is at the table :-). The restaurant staff were very helpful.. with the right dose of banter. We went on a weekday- so not to much crowd.

There are three huge bar counters. WIth plenty of bar stools. Over the weekend the place assumes mroe of a lounge feel than a restaurant feel. As there is standing room only, with pub type "instant tabs"- place your order and pay as and when it is delivered.

A nice place.. will surely visit again (whenever theer are a few extra wads in my waller :-) )


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