Friday, March 11, 2005

Flurry of IT activity at Hyderabad

All teh dust from the last elections has settled down now. And there is a flurry of IT activity in Hyderabad now. Existing companies are expanding like crazy. A notable locally bred company that is doing very well is Siera Optima (Siera Atlantic). On a rapid expansion spree! The usual suspects are all doing well too.. massive hiring among the Wipros, Satyams & TCSs. ALong with th eIndian majors in services Accenture, CSC & Deloite both have pretty big operations here. Was suprised to learn that quitely without any noise they have ramped up numbers to a few thousand now!

Sifting thru this buzz.. one interesting trend that is standing out is more and more of product companies are ciming in. Both to Bangalore and to Hyderabad. CA now has a huge software products operation in Hyderabad (albeit as with most MNCs starting off with serious maintanance work!). Oracle is expanding. Microsoft has moved to its new campus. NCR (Teradata) has recently setup a dev center. Ascential has started operations. Home grown product companies such as Pramati (J2EE & Middleware systems) and Product testing companies like iLabs are doing well as well.

Watch out for more from Hyderabad. On Hyderabad. :-)


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