Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another 700 million$ outsourcing deal from India

On the lines of what Airtel did about a year back, now Idea (another large telecom operator in India) has signed an outsourcing deal with IBM. Another $700 million+ deal. Ofoucrse, it is a multi-year contract. But this is a strong indicator of the new trend. indian majors outsourcing to MNCs like IBM. Reversing the outsourcing trend of US MNCs outsourcing to India. (Again, a different matter where IBM will service this. Given that a very large portion of the global team is based in India, quite likely that the work will happen in India).


Blogger Ansel A.S.E said...

The bottom line behind outsourcing software development is definitely cost cutting. And when one gets the best at a comparatively cheaper rate it is nothing less than icing on the cake. Most advantageous and efficient software development is possible at a cheap rate today because surprisingly they come from some of the poorest countries in the world, as for example, India. After all a few years back who would have fancied that the country with the highest rate of poverty and which is ranked among the third world countries would come up with world class first rate software development companies

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Blogger workhard said...

Most of the outsourcing now is directed toward China..


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Blogger Prima Source said...

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