Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The next step in the Indian IT ladder.. global "consulting"

Recently have been hearing and seeing more of the Indian IT services biggies getting into the league of big-6 consulting. While the low end services and resource augmentation is probably still the largest source of revenue, the high-value pie is also steadily increasing. These companies are now going beyond simple srevices to more wholesome high value offerings. From technology evaluations to solution and archietcture consulting and business analysis. TCS has been engaged in true business consulting for a very long time. Especially in the Indian markets. And now guess all ofthe bug three (infosys, TCS & Wipro) are actively expanding this across the world. With this they aer able to offer a complete range- from high end consulting, to implementation, and, maintanance & operations (IT or BPO/KPO).

Interestingly, the increasing leverage they hold is slowly coming up to the fore. I ahve seen product companeis now actievly courting the Indian SIs as a global channel. With these SIs now beginning to influence technology decisions, Product selections and solution architectures, guess this association is inevitable. While they still may not be a huge channel yet, the trends are quite clear. In a few years they would be a force to reckon with!

Talking about force, with 50000 employees each, guess that is a very sizeable IT jaugernaut. Such a jaguernaut led by high value consulting is surely a force to reckon with.

Even MNCs are changing the game in the Indian operations. Today in the news here.. that IBM is holding its annual Analysts conference in Bangalore. For a long time this has always been beld in US (May) and in Europe (September). Not surprising as IBM is expanding its India operations in a very big way. Both from a global delivery (IBM Global Services) standpoint and also from an Indian sales operations standpoint. The local IT consumption is very rapidly rising. Inevitable, given the intense economic activity and growth. A 700 million deal signed with one of the Indian mobiile operators a few years back is an indication of this trend. In line with this, many Software MNC players with presence in India are now even beginning to have their board meetings held in India. Just to increase the visibility and appreciation for the nature of operations and the markets here.

While this is not surprising in software, given the lareg presence of teh industry, the globalization trend is showing up in other sectors as well- such as Pharma, Biotech, Auto parts, Steel and few other sectors. Next year or two will be very interesting tow atch and see how tehse forces shape up!


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