Monday, April 10, 2006

Back to Pramati!

After 20 great months working on Sonic ESB products and helping build Progress Software India, am now getting back to Pramati.

It started off as an initiative within Pramati. Helping Sonic build the ESB App Dev Product. Sonic, and its parent company Progress Software, liked what they saw happening and decided to setup an India products development center, last April. Was a Great experience starting the Sonic Tools development activities from scratch, and going onto to build the initial teams at Progress Software India (the parent company of Sonic), providing technology leadership and guidance to help create an environment that is more than just a software development center. Great challenge building and delivering value (this is toughest when creating IP!) from a remote team, and setting up approaches to ensure a smooth functioning cross-continental dynamics, and delivery capabilities After a near 20 person year (dev) effort a great set of tools is about to hit the market. Very gratifying. A great team. A great effort. A great experience.

Now, with the first release of the new IDE product due in a few days, and a nice environment created at Progress India, I am going off chasing my other aspirations. Aspirations that may seem little insane to the sane mind. But then that’s me. :-)

Am getting back to Pramati as VP-Middleware Technologies. Responsible for the Middleware products and Middleware technology services. Will continue to engage in the Infrastructure software products space. And actively participate/drive any technology activities in Hyderabad (very close to my heart). And ofcourse, continue to teach at IIIT.

My new bearings: (or (Blog remains the same-


Blogger Sachin said...

Very sorry to see you go. Your influence lives on and you are remembered fondly many many times. Recently we had a company outing and we all agreed that you should've been there!!

Hope you are enjoying yourself at Pramati Ramesh!


4:31 AM  
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