Sunday, March 12, 2006

Is India Rising? - ABC news- negative . Newsweek.. positive!!

Recently ABC news carried a news feature on India. Consistent with most US media coverageon India, this had negative undertones (or overtones?). Atanu Dey has posted a nice critique on this.

I agree to some extent. While surely US is taking notice of India now, it still dopesnt do so in positive light. By and large there are negative undercurrents. While noone can dispute the facts shown/talked about, just that they are not balanced. That is where the Newsweek article really stood out..

This was an article published recently on "India Rising -Messy, raucous, democratic India is growing fast, and now may partner up with the world's richest democracy-America." By Fareed Zakaria of
. While it did indicate some skepticism in its conclusions, by and large the article was fairly balanced and factual.

Over the past 2 years I have been seeing a steady increase in mainstream news coverage on India. (Albeit with negative tones). When I was in US in December, I saw this 4 part feature on the National Highways Golden quadrangle project, in New York times. Led from its main page on all 4 days. I was completely bowled to see this. ( I happened to be there that week). While the level of attention is much higher than ever before, even in this article there were fairly strong negative undertones (though not as much as the ABC news feature).

But the overriding point is that the perception is changing. Very significantly. Form "what is India" it has come to look at "India is doing godd.. but look at the slums.. " et al… with the newsweek like articles in the fringes now. Soon there will be more!

But bottom line.. does it really matter what the US press writes about us? US as a country is probably one of the most mis/less-informed nation around the world anyway. :-)


Blogger James McGovern said...

The news has a fidicuary duty to be accurate. Whether the information they carry is positive or negative doesn't matter.

If folks in India want positive, they should advertise...

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