Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hyderabad technology blog- do check out

Check out the new initiative to run a Hyderabad centric Technology blog. A channel to propagate technology developments and events relevant to Hyderabad. This was a by product of the ongoing planning for the BarCamp on Web 2.0 (due on April 8th). When we tried to find a simple mechanism to notify the event to the active net-prowlers & bloggers, we found no simple place to do this. No single place that had a good reach. Some of us that were actively working on the BarCamp planning, decided that we should go create this channel by ourselves. And hopefully we can propagate this and make it a technology events portal for Hyderabad. This will be accompanied by a technology blogroll that we are setting up in Hyderabad. (Look out for an announcement on this).

Check it out and propagate-

Request the Hyderabad tech community to propagate this blog. And also solicit volunteer contributors (authors) for this blog. This is a tech community blog. If any interest contact any of us- or or anyone on the BarCamp planning team.


Blogger Hyderabadiz said...

Hello Hyderabadi Blogger:
We have a plan to unite all Hyderabadiz: Calling out to all Hyderabadi bloggers
See details at our blog.
Hope do you will do your best to achieve this goal.

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