Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blog.. from successful Indian software (Java Infra) products' entrepreneurs!

Finally.. a blog from successful software products' entrepreneurs! Jay and Vijay Pullur, founders (now CEO and CTO) of Pramati technologies, have started their blog- "Software (Ad)Venturing- Reflections on software, innovation and entrepreneurship".

Looking at the first few posts, lookslike the theme is going to be the new web and the applications infrastructure trends therefrom. Not surprising given that Pramati is a pioneer in Java based applications infrastructure products. (Not many know that Pramati started off with a Product for "Java enabling HTML". Back in 1997-98. This was very similar to what is now JSPs!)

The Indian software industry is highly regarded world-wide (recently came across first hand situations where the large Indian software companies now help companies evolve their IT strategies and enterprise architectures! Compare thsi with even a few years back, when these same companies couldnt even directly influence an App Server decision!). But, the industry is still predominantly services focussed. Very few companies have ventured into software products. And even fewer have ventured into Infrastructure products space. And even even fewer have ventured from India! There are many comapanies that are started by Indians, but from bay area. Driven from the valley, with just the development happening in India. Not too different from any other company with offshore operations.

There are just a handful that have a product built, marketed, sold and supported from India! Pramati stands out, as the most widely known among such companies! (Need I say that I am very very proud of this, given my long association with Pramati! :-) ).

This blog must be interesting. Hearing from two "(ad)venturous" techies. Hopefully, sharing a glimpse of where some of these technologies (and possibly Pramati products) are heading. Do check it out-


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Blogger Vaibhavi said...

Hi all,

I am working for a software integrator company. My projects includes working on Java and Ruby on Rails and Ajax. I think Web Services is really cool. We also recently have to now work on REST and they are talking about mashups and Struts. Can anyone tell me if there are some good training or conferences so that me and my team members can get to speed with these technologies. Learning from books is not my cup of tea, even not when I was doing engineering ;)

All the help that group members can provide in this regard is much appreciated.


8:43 PM  
Blogger anaz said...

Hi Vaibhavi,

There are several online resources available that you just google for. If any of your team like to read then quality books from wiley and oreilly cover such technologies in detail.

I also highly recommend you could attend the upcoming Great Indian Developer Summit ( that is covering Java, Agile, REST, JAX-RS, mashups, .NET, Rich Web, JPA, SOA, rich user experiences, Spring, Groovy and more. They have most of the creators of these technologies as speakers. My team is attending this summit 22-25 apr at IISc campus where we are attending the web conference on April 23 and java on April 24. We have been able to get very good discounts. Maybe all those who are interested from your group can sign up together and get a good bargain from them. what say? I also attended last year's conference and had a really cool time.

In Hyderabad there is Sun Tech Days with some sun speakers.


11:56 PM  
Blogger workhard said...

What us the status of IT companies now..

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